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Don’t stress about the high-cost of heating your home these winter months. Easy Pay is a simple way to be proactive about your payments. The payment plan involves spreading your total cost of oil delivery over the course of several months. Instead of paying for a large delivery at one time, you’ll be making smaller, manageable payments.

For example: For 180 gallons of oil delivered at $2.249 a gallon, your total cost for delivery would be $404.82.  If you pay within 10 days, you can take 10 cents off the price per gallon, leaving you with a total cost of $386.82. Early payment would be the highest discount you receive.

But what if that is still a large chunk of change for your household?

If you were an Easy Pay account, we would calculate your oil heating cost for the winter season and break that down into ten easy monthly payments.

For example: Let’s say you use 600 gallons of oil a year. That would cost you roughly $1,290 (calculated at $2.149/gallon) for a single delivery. With Easy Pay, you can divide that by ten months, leaving you with an affordable payment of just $129 per month.

We start our Easy Pay program in August and it ends in May, so sign up and get started today!

Our Easy Pay program is designed with families in mind. It will take all of the stress out of your winter heating costs.

Easy Pay is set to run automatically. That’s right…automatic.  Let us use our technology to calculate your oil usage and only deliver to you when you need it. With Easy Pay, it’s like having oil piped directly to your home from your personal reserve. Allow us to do all the work and alleviate your stress.

For more information on the program feel free to call us at 978-433-5373 or fill out our contact form.

All you have to do is sign up. We will do the rest. It is that EASY!