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Indoor Air Quality

Creating and maintaining indoor air quality includes addressing such issues as air filtration, humidification and de-humidification, and proper ventilation. Systems that protect the quality of indoor air in your home will not only keep your home healthier, they will help keep it cleaner as well!

When your system is started by the thermostats for either heat, cooling or fan on for circulation, air is moved across the air filter where the small airborne particulates get trapped making the air that is recirculated through your equipment and into your home cleaner and healthier.

Too little humidity can cause lots of problems. The recommended relative humidity is three to four times the humidity in an average North American home in winter.. If you do not reach optimal levels of humidity, you could be exposing yourself and your family to nose, throat, and skin discomfort. Unhumidified heated air also dries out the wood in your home, shrinking the framing around doors and windows. Gaps can occur, allowing cold air in, making your home less energy efficient. Dry air also causes wood floors and trim to separate, walls and ceilings to crack; it can harm expensive musical instruments and electronic equipment. Dryness even weakens the joints of expensive furnishings.

Too much humidity is also harmful. Bacteria, viruses and fungi thrive in moist environments. Control of the relative humidity in basements and even your living areas is very important. Only dedicated dehumidifiers can effectively reduce excess moisture without over cooling your home.

Energy Recovery Ventilation has become more important as buildings and homes get tighter and energy efficient. Pollutants can build up in your home creating an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment. An ERV brings fresh air from outside and removes stale polluted air to the outside while transferring heat and moisture. Homeowners can benefit by controlling odors, pollutants and even moderating humidity.

Here are some interesting indoor air quality projects we’ve worked on recently:

Allergy Prone Child: Requires the cleanest indoor air

Do you know that the air quality inside your home may be worse than the pollution in the air outside? That is true, and this can be especially harmful to children (or adults) with allergies … or illnesses such as asthma.

Allergies can be triggered by breathing dust, molds, spores, or pet dander, so when we were called in to add an air cleaner to a customer’s heating system, we recommended the high-efficiency central air cleaner from Aprilaire.

It can be connected to the home’s central heating or cooling system and it operates when you want, out-of-sight and silently. It traps pollen-sized particles, helping to minimize the risk of asthma and allergy attacks. The disposable filter lasts one to two years, so there is no need for monthly filter changes.

Best of all, you can choose to run the air cleaner constantly 24 hours a day or 30 minutes every hour, or only when you have guests or when vacuuming! This control is invaluable for those days when the pollen counts are high!

Humidifiers: Portable Humidifier just not cutting it

Forced Hot Air systems blow hot air in the cool and cold weather months, removing moisture in the room. This dry air affects the sinuses, making some people much more susceptible to sinus infections. Dry air is also bad for wood floors and furniture, not to mention houseplants! Portable humidifiers often don’t humidify the entire room and have to be refilled every day. The whole-house humidification system was the answer for this family. This unit works with the existing forced hot air heating system in the home, adding moisture to keep the entire home at optimal humidity levels.

No more refilling portable humidifiers in every room; no more spilling; no more worries.

Dehumidifiers: Too much moisture – Controlling mold a problem

Allergens, like molds, thrive in relative humidity conditions above 60%, leading to a variety of ailments including asthma, allergies, and respiratory infections. A Central Dehumidifier replaces portable units that constantly need emptying. It pumps the water removed from the air directly to a outside or a plumbing drain.

Wilson Brothers installed a unit as part of this customer’s heating and cooling system. It pulls the air from every room in the home through the return ducts, removing moisture and then sends the dry air back throughout the house. (There are other units perfect for controlling excess humidity in basements, but this family needed a central system for the entire house.)

As a result, the family saved energy and enjoyed the clean air comfort of one, high capacity, out-of-the-way unit that needs only a simply once-a-year filter change.


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