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Preventative Maintenance for Water Treatment in Your Heating System

Modern water heaters and boilers have run into a new problem in terms of maintenance that must be addressed to keep your heating system running efficiently. Water treatment is necessary for low mass gas boilers for effective preventative maintenance.

What is Water Treatment for Your Heating System?

The term “preventative” means “intending to serve or ward off harm.” Part of the conditions for a warranty on many new high-efficiency boilers is the continuous maintenance of the water the equipment is using to function. Dirty water equates to broken machines.

Most towns and city water supplies have harmful products in them. Much like a clogged artery, raw water that contains impurities and salt can obstruct an entire system. These impurities build up essentially causing a sludge to course through the lines. This can force your HVAC to run with less efficiency, or worse yet, break down completely.

What can Cause Your Water Heater to Break Down?

Raw water from the town or a well having high PH can contain impurities, carbon dioxide, and dissolved salt (to name a few of the harsh ones). Water treatment is so critical to proactive heating system maintenance, that many manufacturers include it as a clause in the warranty. If your system breaks and it is found that you did not provide sufficient water treatment, your warranty may not be valid.

Additionally, installing a high efficiency, high tech, “A” rated boiler in an old dirty central heating system will reduce the efficiency from the start. Don’t wait to check and treat your home heating system water for high PH and impurities or you may need to call us for the boiler defibulator.

How to Prevent Water Damage

The good news is that there is a simple solution. The first step is investigating the water source.  Homeowners need to do a water test to know their water condition before they can act accordingly. There are a variety of simple tests we can conduct to help you take a proactive approach:

  • Run a water test to check the water condition.
  • Perform a water flush to remove impurities.
  • Install a low-cost water conditioner to keep sludge and scale from building up.

Additionally, there is a chemical cleaner and additive that needs to be used in most, if not all home heating systems, so it is best to leave it to the professionals like us to help you perform water treatment.

A Proactive Approach

Believe it or not only a small percentage of homeowners do preventative maintenance. Many people simply choose to let their heating and cooling systems go. Damage to a system can easily be caused by harm that could have been prevented, like premature heat exchange failure.

Check your heating system for signs of water damage. Sludge also builds up in the baseboard or radiators and the copper piping throughout your home. Overall, a dirty and sluggish heating system uses more gas to heat your home and causes premature damage.

All high efficient boiler manufacturers have come to find out the hard way home water conditions have and will cause premature damage. Give us a call to start taking a proactive approach to the problem today. We can come by and test the quality of your water to keep your system up and running efficiently before the weather gets cold.

If you have any other questions about water heaters, we’d be happy to help. Give us a call at 978-433-5373 today and we can get you scheduled before the cold creeps in!

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