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Case Study - Forced Hot Air

Upgrading an inefficient gas furnace

Wilson Brothers was asked to look at a forced hot air furnace that the family thought wasn’t working at top efficiency. Their gas fuel and electricity bills were high and the heat was uneven throughout the home.

We checked the ductwork and found that it was old and the seams were not sealed, letting heat escape into unwanted spaces. The ductwork needed to be sealed properly and the furnace needed to be upgraded to a high-efficiency system.

Wilson Brothers recommended a gas furnace from American Standard. This system provides 2-stage variable speed heating. With the variable speed, the system saves on its electrical use by slowly and quietly ramping up to speed for a softer start and more consistent airflow gently warming the room. The 2-stage valve results in greater efficiency by providing just the right amount of fuel for each stage thus saving on gas usage. This system is rated at 95% efficiency.

Wilson Brothers also replaced the old fiberboard ducts with galvanized steel ductwork throughout the home providing a tightly sealed duct system for the heat to be distributed to the correct places throughout the house.

The family reported saving 30% – 35% on their energy costs as a result of this upgrade as well as additional savings in their electrical usage. In addition, the system was eligible for a tax credit of 30% of the installed cost (up to $1,500) and a $400 rebate from their Gas Company.

A bonus feature of this gas furnace is that we can easily link it to an air conditioning system by adding a coil to the existing furnace and an outdoor condenser, providing cool air in the summer months.

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