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Case Study – Indirect Water Heaters

Replacing an inefficient water heater

One of our customers told us about their son and daughter-in-law who were having problems with their hot water – the water took too long to heat up and wasn’t getting hot enough to suit them. When we looked at their boiler, we saw that it included a tankless hot water heater. A tankless water heater takes minutes for the water to heat up – wasting, not only water, but fuel. Often the coils become corroded after time, which only makes the system run even less efficient. A better alternative is an indirect water heater

Wilson Brothers recommended the installation of a new indirect water heater, which is much more efficient. We connected a Buderus Hot Water storage tank to their gas boiler, which provided a reliable and clean way to store hot water. This was an efficient and economical solution for them. In addition, the new water heater was eligible for a $300 rebate from their Electric Company.

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