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Calling All Who Care

It is time for all of us to chip in what we can. Any amount goes a long way.

A lot of caring residents of the local communities have gathered to rebuild the new location of the Pepperell Food Pantry.

With volunteers giving up their precious time off to demo the old location of Dr. Spiegelman, and rebuilding it to better serve the needy of Pepperell, to local business giving up their Company resources to refit the space with all the necessary material needs – plumbing, heating, electrical, air conditioning, the underlying need was /is and always will be funds to pay for the never ending need of material and supplies to finish the project and open the doors to start to give back to our neighbors in need.

Wilson Brothers has always had a strong presence in all the communities we service, giving of our time and donating dollars and material to assist as much as we can. We have gone to one of our main suppliers, Total Air Supply of 171 East Hollis Street, Nashua, NH, to help refit the new space with upgraded oil heating equipment. Total Air came through with a new comfort air oil fired furnace at no charge. Wilson Brothers is going to some of our other suppliers to provide a new central air system and all new ductwork to allow for the new use of the existing office.

So if we all give a small amount of our expendable income toward this worthy cause, the doors will open on time this fall.

With the fact that the growing need of our local community has made it impossible to continue to operate out of their existing location, we all need to step up and help out in any way we can and donate any amount we can.

Make your tax deductible donation of a check to P.A.C.H., PO Box 1247, Pepperell, MA 01463 or by PayPal at pachoutreach.org and be part of the growing number of neighbors who care.

Keep your charity dollars in the local community where 100% goes to our neighbors in need.

Thank you,

The Wilson Brothers Team

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