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3 Great Ways in Which a Plumber Can Bring Your Basement Up to Date

For many homeowners, the basement is a forgotten space used for storing things they and their families no longer use. On top of that, basements have a reputation for being sad and even creepy, so not many people are too excited about going down there. But behind that image lies a ton of untapped potential.

How to Bring Your Basement Up to Date

Deciding what to do with your basement to repurpose it is a complex decision. It involves decision-making and careful planning. However, not doing anything with it would be a waste of perfectly usable home space.

Even though you might not have considered this as an option yet, the best person to help you update your basement is a plumber. Here are three great ways in which a plumber can bring your basement up to date.

1. Fix Your Pipes and Sewer Line

The main indication that there’s a problem with the plumbing of a home is the presence of sewer smell. The presence of this odor usually indicates either a leak or a cracked pipe somewhere in the house. Living with sewer smell is unpleasant, to say the least, thus making it a problem in need of urgent resolving.

The first important change that a plumber can make to your basement is fixing your pipes and sewer line, and thus getting rid of sewer smell. For most homes, the key plumbing is generally located in the lower parts of the house, and thus tweaking it to remove any flaws involves a lot of basement work.

2. Add a Handy Basement Bathroom

Basement bathrooms are becoming more and more popular recently. Although installing one is a bit harder than it would be a for an above-ground facility, a basement bathroom is still a great addition to any home.

But just how much handiwork does this process need? Well, according to HGTV, any plumbing that entails digging underneath the foundation is best performed by a professional. If you’re lucky and you have a home built above the sewer line, a basement bathroom can be executed as any other regular one.

However, some homes have basements located directly underneath the sewer lines. For this kind of situation, all the plumbing must be done upwards. Whatever the case might be, an expert is the most suited to perform this type of plumbing.

What is more, if you have a laundry station in your basement like some homeowners do, then adding a bathroom is the perfect solution to integrate it with the rest of your house. The primary advantage is that it will be less unnerving to visit the basement to do laundry now that the entire space has a clear function.

3. Install a Fresh Drainage System

No matter what plumbing-related functionality your basement has or will have, a good floor drainage system is essential. Installing this in your basement means that you are keeping the area dry and preventing sewer smell from forming at the same time.

And if you already have a typical basement floor drain, then you already know how prone it is to clogging. A good plumber can also help you with the upkeep of your drainage system so that the area underneath your house is in top shape all the time. And if your basement is and smells fresh and clean, then so will the rest of your house.


The huge space offered by a basement has the potential to become something amazing and give new purpose to an otherwise forgotten room. A basement bathroom is a great addition to any home. It can offer functionality to that space and even increase the value of your home if you play your cards right.

Moreover, your basement could benefit from a bit of upkeep when it comes to plumbing. Sewer smell and other basement odors can propagate through the rest of the house, which can become quite unpleasant. By upgrading the piping and drains down there, you can ensure that not only your basement feels and smells better, but the rest of your house as well.

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