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The Impact of Biofuel on Your Heating System

Biofuel is a type of fuel that is produced using renewable sources, such as animal fats, plant-based oils and algae material. Biofuel offers a number of advantages over traditional fossil fuels, like petroleum and natural gas, particularly in terms of its impact on the environment. Specifically, it is biodegradable and burns more cleanly, which means it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Given these environmental benefits, the blending of biofuel has been mandated by the state government. Heating oil distributors receive certain monetary credits for blending #2 heating oil with biofuel. The maximum recommended blend of biofuel by heating equipment manufacturers is 20%.

Because of the potential financial gain, however, many local heating oil delivery companies have begun blending a percentage of biofuel that far exceeds this recommendation.

For instance, there are several local heating oil distributors that are blending over 50% or higher. There is even one local heating oil distributor that owns a biofuel manufacturing plant that is blending 80% – and all in an attempt to increase their monetary gain. As usual, money and greed are a driving factor.

Why should this matter to you? Because too much biofuel – even with all of its many benefits – can have a negative impact on your heating system. Specifically, because biofuel is not the same as #2 heating oil, it does not have the same viscosity of output BTUs.

A blend of biofuel over 20% can actually cause oil heating equipment to burn dirty and foul the burning process. Keep in mind that damages caused by this are not typically covered by the manufacturer or the service company that maintains your heating equipment. To prevent costly surprises and protect your investment, should contact your heating oil distributer and ask specifically what percentage their blend is. (This must also be noted on the oil delivery slip provided by your delivery company.)

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