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Case Study – Central Air Conditioning

Replacing an inefficient central air system

One of our customers had a 15-year-old home which had a central air conditioning system with an efficiency rating of only 9 to 10 SEER. It was noisy and their electric bills were out of sight in the summer.

Wilson Brothers recommended the installation of a replacement condenser with a 15 or 18 SEER rating. Wilson Brothers also did a Manual J calculation to correctly size the new system. It was discovered that the original cooling system was sized too large for the ductwork installed in the home. The new American Standard cooling system was downsized by a half ton. It was quieter, environmentally sound and reliable. The high efficiency cooling system saved $373 in energy costs the first year – (that’s 44% savings on what they were paying)! In addition, the system was eligible for a tax credit of 30% of the installed cost (up to $1,500) and a $1,250 rebate from their Electric Company.

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