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Pre-Season Preventative Maintenance for Your Heating System

When is the last time you had your heating and cooling system serviced? Do you know if it is performing at top speed? Even if your A/



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You might be warm now but don’t get left in the cold this winter with a heating system that’s failing. In the later season, your heating system runs constantly for months. Now is the time to start preventative maintenance so you don’t run into any issue mid-winter in Middlesex County.

A Heating System Tune-up

A heating system tune-up is preventative maintenance. The intent is to keep the equipment running at peak performance while also preserving your warranty. Customers often ask us what happens during one of these visits and if it is worth the cost.

Manufacturers of all heating and cooling systems recommend a yearly preventative maintenance check to get the longest life out of your equipment. So, what exactly entails a tune-up?

  • Clean the system
  • Check and change filters
  • Inspect the flue pipe
  • Check and clean burner parts
  • Inspect the chimney flue
  • Assess efficiency with combustion test
  • Make burner adjustments
  • Test-start the system a few times

The other part of the maintenance session includes prevention. Premature failure of your heat exchanger or other supporting components of your system could lead to you replacing instead of repairing. Preventative maintenance allows us to catch these problems before they occur and make sure they don’t creep up on you in the dead of winter.

Further Prevention for Your Heating System

Preventing these expensive systems from malfunctioning requires a vigilant eye. There are a few things you can do to avoid costly repairs and keep the equipment on track:

  • Maintain a reasonable temperature. The higher you crank the heat or AC, the more strain it puts on the system.
  • Replace filters if you see they need it in between yearly maintenance.
  • Keep the system clean on the outside and the inside.
  • Don’t skip Wilson Brothers tune-ups!

Additionally, we offer our customers an extra level of protection through our Preferred Customer Service Agreement (PCSA). A PCSA is a form of insurance for your system that guarantees we will be there 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You also receive benefits like discounts on future repairs, the waiving of fees, and VIP attention.

Do not wait until it gets cold to have your heating system tune-up. Practice proactivity for prevention. Let us keep you up and running to avoid repairing or replacing equipment in the dead of winter.

If you have any other questions about yearly preventative maintenance for your heating system, we’d be happy to help. Give us a call at 978-433-5373 today and we can get you scheduled before the cold creeps in!

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