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Time to Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling Systems?

You’ll want the Professionals from Wilson Brothers as your local HVAC Install and Service Company. Over the last 29 years the local community has trusted the Wilson Brothers to take care of all their HVAC and Plumbing needs. For preventative maintenance, general service, 24-hour emergency service, and of course, our quality installs, we are here for you, your family, and your home.

If there was ever a time to make your home comfort equipment more efficient the time would be NOW! There have never been as many programs and incentives to take advantage of as there are today. With winter wrapping up, the nice weather ahead of us makes it a great time for home improvement projects.

The government and utility companies have been preaching and pushing high efficiency, variable speed, air loss correction, air duct sealing, and early retirement of that old, energy guzzling equipment. If you are thinking it might be time to go more green, there could be some $$Green$$ in it for you. Not only will you be saving money on the new install, but you’ll also be saving money all year long.

With rebates and 0% financing available through Mass Save, along with manufacturer incentives, now is the best time to upgrade your old inefficient heating and cooling systems.

What are 2017 Mass Save Rebates?

Mass Save is here to help Massachusetts’ residents manage their energy costs and consumption. The natural gas, electric, and energy efficiency service providers of Massachusetts sponsor the Mass Save initiative. The 2017 Mass Save Rebate and 0% Financing Program is out and ready, so take advantage of it.

2017 Mass Save Rebates

There are many Mass Save rebates that fall into different categories of energy savings for your home. You can check out all the rebates they offer and view current 2017 Mass Save Rebates & Incentives.

The rebates that the professionals at Wilson Brothers work with the most are:

If any of these projects are on your to-do list, or seem intriguing to you, give us a call today at 978-433-5373 or fill out our estimate form for a free quote.

0% Heat Loan Financing through Mass Save

Many energy-saving home improvement projects are big investments for any homeowner. Not to worry, Mass Save also offers 0% Interest Heat Loans for up to $25,000 with terms up to 7 years!

The services that are eligible for a Mass Save Heat Loan are:

  • Heating System Replacement
  • Domestic Hot Water & Solar Hot Water Heaters
  • Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

View a list of Heat Loan lenders and to see if your local bank or credit union offers the Mass Save Heat Loan. If your financial institution is not on this list, let us know and we will get you in touch with a local bank that we have worked with for years.

Steps To Use Mass Save

  1. Contact Mass Save to have a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Home Energy Assessment by calling (866) 527-7283, or go to masssave.com.
  1. Have a Free, No Obligation estimate done by the professionals at Wilson Brothers. The Wilson Brothers team will guide you to an efficient heating and/or cooling system to maximize your Rebates and Energy Savings without over selling you on a system that doesn’t fit your needs.
  1. Go to a Financial Institution that offers Mass Save financing. View a list of Heat Loan lenders and see if your local bank or credit union offers the Mass Save Heat Loan.

This may seem daunting to some. It is not! It is a professional and seamless process. The process does take some time and a little effort – so don’t delay. As the season goes on and more homeowners and business owners take advantage of the program, it only makes it more time consuming and delays the process.

Manufacturer Incentives

There are also many manufacturer incentives out there currently. Unlike the Mass Save Program, which stays consistent all year, the manufacturer incentives are always coming and going throughout the year. We stay up to date on the incentives that are being offered by the manufacturers that we trust and use. We will let you know of any manufacturer incentives for your particular home comfort equipment project when you are ready to get it done.


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