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No Electricity – No Problem

We don’t want to kick anyone when they are down.  We just want to remind our customers that the Wilson Brothers team installs and services Generac automatic standby generators.  Anyone who pays attention can see what’s going on with the crazy severe New England weather.

Our power grid is all above ground and is unreliable.

The weather may be unpredictable but having clean, reliable electricity does not have to be. With an automatic standby generator installed in your home when the power lines go down your electricity stays on.

Think about how many times in the last few years that your power went out.  Look at how many times weather and/or the above ground old power grid has failed.  We have members on our team who own automatic standby generators that have kept power on multiple times over the last several years, including during the recent nor’easters.

Many neighborhoods lost power but their homes were warm and cozy.

If you’re still not sold on why a standby generator is a sound investment, consider the following benefits:

  • Keep your family safe, warm and protected during storms or other power outages.
  • Avoid flood damage by keeping sump pumps running during severe rain or other flooding events.
  • Keep children calm and at ease by keeping the electricity on during storms.
  • Provide power for home electronics, such as stoves for cooking and computers for working from home.
  • Power refrigerators to keep food fresh and avoid costly spoilage.

Many people believe that standby generators aren’t necessary for their circumstances. How can you know whether a generator is right for you? If any of the following situations apply to you, investing in a generator is a wise decision:

  • You have young children in your home
  • You have someone living with you, such as an elderly relative that is sensitive to extreme heat or cold
  • Someone in your home uses medical equipment that requires a power source
  • You travel regularly, especially during the winter, when severe weather and storms are more common
  • Having to relocate to a hotel during a prolonged power outage isn’t financially or logistically feasible
  • You have pets at home that would be difficult to bring with you to a hotel or family member’s home in the event of a power outage
  • Your home is at risk of flooding
  • You work from home or run a home business

Remember, you never think you’ll need a generator until you have no power.  With the odds increasing every year that you will lose your electricity as some point, the low cost insurance of having an automatic standby generator is a no brainer.

If you’re tired of worrying about the crazy New England weather disrupting your life, contact the Wilson Brothers team. We can help you avoid the risk and uncertainty, ensure that your family and property remain safe, dry and warm and prevent costly damage or other financial hardships.

Call our office for details or a free no obligation estimate at 978-433-5373  – we’ll be there when you need us.

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