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Asthma and Indoor Air Quality

Four thousand people die each year from asthma related causes. Asthma can be brought on by air pollution, allergies, exercise, stress and certain chemicals which cause the airways of the lungs to narrow or become blocked, making it hard to breath. We can all do our part to help relieve some of the stress that comes with the burden of asthma by recognizing the early signs of an asthma attack. When an asthma episode begins, the lining of the airways begins to swell and becomes more inflamed. Mucus starts to clog the airways, muscles begin to tighten in the chest and eventually the airways become so narrow that you feel like you are breathing through a straw stuffed with cotton.

The cause of asthma is largely unknown but asthma triggers can lurk indoors and outside. For people with asthma, indoor air quality is very important and they should make sure the appropriate air filtration system is installed in their home. Our Mitsubishi single and multi-zone units all come equipped with filters to directly improve the air quality indoors. The units all have multiple filters while the conventional heating and cooling systems only have one filter installed in the central unit.

The filters in our Mitsubishi cooling and heating systems include the Nano Platinum Filter, Deodorizing Filter and an Electrostatic Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter. All filters are washable to make for easy cleaning and last up to 10 years. The Nano Platinum Filter incorporates nanometer-sized platinum-ceramic particles that kill bacteria and deodorize the air. The Deodorizing Filter uses nanotechnology to absorb odors and neutralize the worst smells. If you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, it may be worth updating your indoor air quality filtration system.

Source: www.cdc.gov/asthma

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