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At Wilson Brothers, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are based on customer needs. We don’t rush our home visits; we ask lots of questions to be sure we have the whole picture; and we listen intently to your answers. Then we review our notes and confer with our technicians. We don’t provide cookie-cutter recommendations – what’s good for your neighbor may not be the best solution for you.

Heating Systems

Wilson Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning partners with the finest furnace and boiler manufacturers in the business. Manufacturers like American Standard, Mitsubishi, Bryant, Buderus, Burnham, Veissmann, Weil-Mclain and Energy Kinetics.

We install and service forced hot air, forced hot water, heat pump, hybrid heating, hydro-air, radiant floor, and steam heating systems. We offer the most energy-efficient systems on the market today to save you both energy and money on fuel.

Here are some interesting projects we’ve worked on recently:

Forced Hot Air: Upgrading an inefficient gas furnace

Wilson Brothers was asked to look at a forced hot air furnace that the family thought wasn’t working at top efficiency. Their gas fuel and electricity bills were high and the heat was uneven throughout the home.

We checked the ductwork and found that it was old and the seams were not sealed, letting heat escape into unwanted spaces. The ductwork needed to be sealed properly and the furnace needed to be upgraded to a high-efficiency system.

Wilson Brothers recommended a gas furnace from American Standard. This system provides 2-stage variable speed heating. With the variable speed, the system saves on its electrical use by slowly and quietly ramping up to speed for a softer start and more consistent airflow gently warming the room. The 2-stage valve results in greater efficiency by providing just the right amount of fuel for each stage thus saving on gas usage. This system is rated at 95% efficiency.

Wilson Brothers also replaced the old fiberboard ducts with galvanized steel ductwork throughout the home providing a tightly sealed duct system for the heat to be distributed to the correct places throughout the house.

The family reported saving 30% – 35% on their energy costs as a result of this upgrade as well as additional savings in their electrical usage. In addition, the system was eligible for a tax credit of 30% of the installed cost (up to $1,500) and a $400 rebate from their Gas Company.

A bonus feature of this gas furnace is that we can easily link it to an air conditioning system by adding a coil to the existing furnace and an outdoor condenser, providing cool air in the summer months.

Forced Hot Water Heating: Conversion of heating system from oil to gas

It wasn’t so long ago that we all experienced insanely high oil prices, making us keenly aware of various ways to become more energy-efficient. One of our customers asked us to replace their old oil boiler with a natural gas fired forced hot water system. We looked at their basement and saw that it was being used as a recreation room, as well as the place where the boiler resided.

To save space (and make more room for recreation), Wilson Brothers recommended a wall-hung unit by Buderus. It is ultra efficient and whisper quiet with a fully enclosed housing. It includes an outdoor reset control that features a sensor to monitor the outside temperature. This reset control uses the outdoor temperature to calculate the water temperature required to provide the heat necessary to make your home comfortable. The system adjusts before you even feel too cold or too warm!

This is the ultimate in comfort, but it also is energy efficient resulting in lower heating bills. It also makes living “green” a bit easier! In addition, the system was eligible for a tax credit of 30% of the installed cost (up to $1,500) and a $1,000 rebate from the Gas Company.

Radiant Floor Heating: Home addition requires alternative heating system

During the design phase of a home addition that included an expanded kitchen and powder room, our customer wished out loud that there was a way to heat the rooms without taking valuable space for baseboards.

Our customer’s forced hot water heating system required the use of baseboards, which can often get rusted in areas of high moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms.
Wilson Brothers recommended a radiant floor heating installation. We placed PEX tubing in a Quick Trak subflooring system. Hot water runs through the tubes providing even heat throughout the room. The sub-floor is covered with the customer’s choice of flooring.

Now the floors are warm – and the heat rises to make the entire room comfortable. And there is no need for baseboards that take up wall space where now the customer can place cabinetry or furniture.

Zone Heating: Downstairs too hot trying to heat bedroom upstairs

Even though their home wasn’t too old, the heating system was all on one zone. The customer had to raise the thermostat to a temperature that made everyone downstairs too warm just to get the upstairs bedroom warm enough to suit the mother-in-law.

The customer needed more control and a way to lower their heating bills. Wilson Brothers recommended and installed zone heating to their existing forced hot water boiler. We added thermostats and controls so that the home had custom zones to provide ultimate comfort for all family members.

We zoned their recreation and bar room downstairs separately so that it was heated only when in use – why heat empty rooms?


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