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Rinnai LS Series

The Rinnai on-demand water heater uses natural gas or propane gas to heat water only when it is needed. Water passes through the copper heat exchanger and begins heating it immediately. There is no tank to take up space or potentially leak. You never run out of hot water. The Rinnai unit – only about the size of a carry-on suitcase – can be installed on virtually any wall inside or outside the home. In addition, a variety of optional digital controllers allows precise control and monitoring.

Key System Features:

  • Commercial grade heat exchanger for residential applications
  • Integrated condensate collector for interior models
  • Pre-set maximum temperature of 1200F with option to increase to 1400F
  • 12-year heat exchanger limited warranty, 5 years parts, 1 year labor

Case Study – On-Demand Water Heaters

Replacing a leaking free-standing water heater

When a homeowner’s old free-standing gas-fired water heater leaked and needed replacing, Wilson Brothers recommended and installed a new Rinnai On-Demand water heater. This system doesn’t run off the gas furnace or boiler – it is a separate unit that produces hot water as you need it. It is highly efficient, replacing the family’s old 75% efficient water heater – and now there is no danger of leaking and flooding. AND… there is no pilot light to worry about!

The Rinnai has a sleek, modern design that is about the size of a carry-on suitcase which hangs on the wall vs. the average 16 square feet of valuable floor space a traditional water tank needs. The unit can be placed inside or outside and features a digital controller for precise temperature control. In addition, the new water heater was eligible for a $300 rebate from their Natural Gas provider and a 30% tax credit up to $1,500.


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