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Steam heat is an older style heating system, typically installed in homes and buildings constructed before the 1950s. Water is heated in a boiler until it becomes steam. Steam, which is a gas, rises through the pipes into radiators. The steam causes these radiators to become hot, which warms the building.


Although steam heat is rarely installed in new homes or small buildings, it may be the heating system of choice in a high-rise building. This is because of the difficulty in pumping hot water to the upper levels of a high-rise building.


Steam heat is often noisy, and buildings with steam heat often warm unevenly. Steam systems are typically not readily converted to hot water heating systems.


Burnham Gas Boilers

  • Burnham Independence Gas Boiler
  • AFUE = Up to 83%;
  • Natural draft or Power vented
  • Gas Rebates available – $200 for natural gas customers of National Grid Gas and NSTAR Gas

Burnham Oil Boilers

  • Burnham MegaSteam Oil Boiler
  • AFUE = 86%; Converts up to 86% of the fuel you pay for into heat for your home
  • Electric Company Rebates available – $400 for electric customers of National Grid Electric and NSTAR Electric


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