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Radiant Floor Heating

A Radiant Heating system uses a boiler and circulates the hot water through long-lasting PEX tubes at very low temperatures underneath the flooring, usually ceramic tile or hardwood. Radiant floor heating heats your body and the objects in the room – not the air. The warmth stays down around the floor where it is needed the most. Radiant heat has been said to be the best type of heat you can have.


Radiant Heat allows for the most even, cost-efficient heat available today. The home is heated without noise, drafts, dust, or high heating bills. It uses hot water directly from the boiler. Since no space is taken up by baseboards, there is more room for furniture that can be placed directly against the walls.


Radiant heat can take more time and money to retrofit into an existing home that already has finished ceilings and floors. Radiant Heating does not allow for air conditioning, air humidification, or air filtration without adding ductwork and an air handler.

Key System Features

    In concrete before the slab is poured
    Over the subfloor for remodeling projects and additions before the finished floor goes down
    Between joists for remodels and additions, and for heating the upper floors of your new home


Radiant Floor Heating we sell:

  • Uponor
  • A true pioneer in the field, Uponor first unveiled crosslinked polyethylene tubing for potable water systems in the late 1960s. Thus, before others had entered the market, Uponor had thousands of feet of PEX-a working trouble-free in real-world installations. With 12 billion feet of Uponor PEX-a now installed worldwide, it has become the trusted solution for plumbing and heating systems for residential and commercial buildings, and multi-purpose plumbing and fire sprinkler systems for one- and two-family homes. Designed, installed and operated properly, Uponor PEX-a systems will last as long as the structures they inhabit.

Case Study – Radiant Floor Heating

Home addition requires alternative heating system

During the design phase of a home addition that included an expanded kitchen and powder room, our customer wished out loud that there was a way to heat the rooms without taking valuable space for baseboards.

Our customer’s forced hot water heating system required the use of baseboards, which can often get rusted in areas of high moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms.
Wilson Brothers recommended a radiant floor heating installation. We placed PEX tubing in a Quick Trak subflooring system. Hot water runs through the tubes providing even heat throughout the room. The sub-floor is covered with the customer’s choice of flooring.

Now the floors are warm – and the heat rises to make the entire room comfortable. And there is no need for baseboards that take up wall space where now the customer can place cabinetry or furniture.


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