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Hydro-Air Systems

A Hydro-Air system is a combination of a hot water and a hot air system. This type of system incorporates a hot water boiler, either oil or gas fired, which heats water and sends it through pipes to a coil in an air handling unit. As hot water heats up the coils, a blower then passes air over the coils. This air is then distributed throughout the home via a duct system. The rooms heat up very evenly because the air is heated to around 120ºF to 140ºF. The air is also not dried out as much as a regular forced hot air system due to the regulated coil temperatures. The same ductwork is also used to distribute cool air if an air conditioning unit is also attached.


Having hydro-air you can very easily add air conditioning to the system. Your boiler can also do domestic hot water production. You have the option to do radiant floor heating in bathrooms or kitchen areas and in some cases you can heat your garage.


If you do not have forced hot air currently in your home, you will have to add it in either the attic or the basement.

Key System Features

Forced hot air heating, radiant floor heating for bathrooms and kitchens and unit heaters for garages are all available with a hydro-air system
Any central air conditioning or heat pump unit can be added to the hydro-air system to give you cooling in the summer

An indirect fired water heater can be installed with the boiler to give you domestic hot water

Radiant floor heating is great for bathrooms and kitchen areas

A hydronic unit heater can run off the boiler to heat your garage

A central air filtration system can be installed on the air handler removing pollutants and allergens in your home’s air which can do wonders for your health, and the quality of your life

Industry experts state that keeping your home’s humidity between 30-60% can help reduce the effects of many unwanted conditions. Excess humidity or too little humidity can not only lead to an unhealthy home but also cause permanent damage to your home and belongings.


Hydro Air Handlers we sell:

  • First Company Hydro-Air Handler
  • Includes the hot water heat coil

Air Handlers we sell:
require the addition of a heat coil for a hydro-air system:

  • American Standard Variable Speed Air Handler
  • Automatically communicates and coordinates with your other system components via the AccuLink™ Communicating System
  • Variable Speed – Runs quietly and evenly distributes warm air to every room with its variable speed fan motor
  • American Standard Air Handler
  • Bryant Air Handler
  • Daiken Air Handler

Any forced hot water boiler we sell will work on a hydro-air sysetm.

Air Conditioning or Heat Pump:
The central air conditioning or heat pump systems we install.


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