The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have several advantages over electric and wood-burning fireplaces. In addition to offering the beauty and ambience of other fireplaces, natural gas fireplaces are highly efficient at supplying heat to a room. Natural gas fireplaces do not require ash cleanup, chimney maintenance, or wood storage. They are less expensive than electrical fireplaces, and do not produce indoor smoke or ash like wood-burning fireplaces. Learn more about how easy it is for a qualified technician to install a gas fireplace, whether you are working with an empty wall or an existing wood-burning fireplace.

Wilson Brothers installs safe, reliable gas fireplaces for customers in Concord, MA and surrounding areas. With the supplemental heat provided by your new fireplace, you can turn down the thermostat in your home and save money. Call Wilson Brothers at (888) 865-4162 or visit our website for more information.

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How To Save On Your Winter Heating Costs

Winter heating costs are rising each year, but you can keep your heating bills to a minimum if you schedule routine furnace maintenance and follow other important tips for increasing furnace efficiency. Read on to learn about the top ways to reduce your winter heating costs.

Turn Down Your Thermostat
According to the California Energy Commission, turning down the thermostat one degree when it is in the 60- to 70-degree range will save you up to 5 percent on your heating costs. Instead of wearing just a t-shirt inside, set the thermostat to 68 degrees or lower and wear warm clothing. At night or when you are not at home, set the thermostat to 55 degrees to save up to 20 percent on your heating bill.

Replace and Clean the Furnace Filter                                               
A dirty filter restricts airflow, which increases the energy required to run the furnace. The furnace filter should be replaced every month during heating season, or cleaned every week if you have a long-lasting filter. Schedule furnace maintenance to ensure that your furnace is properly cleaned and lubricated to save up to 5 percent on your heating bill.

Reduce the Hot Water Temperature
If your dishwasher permits it, set your water heater to the normal setting, which is usually 120°F. For homeowners who previously had a higher setting, switching to the normal setting can save between 7 and 11 percent on your water heating costs.

Seal the Doors, Windows, and Ducts
Use caulking and weatherstripping to seal the leaks around the doors and windows. Use sealing products to seal pipes, vents, and the area around electrical outlets. Closing these gaps is inexpensive, but will result in a warmer house that is less expensive to heat.

Contact Wilson Brothers for quality furnace repair in the Concord, MA area. Founded in 1987, we offer repair and installation services for heating and cooling systems. Call us at (888) 865-4162 or visit our website for more information about our furnace repair and maintenance services.

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Cozy Up to a Gas Fireplace This Winter

Do you have a fireplace that you use regularly? Your furnace company can install your gas fireplace so easily that you can enjoy it in the same day. Continue reading for more reasons why you should make your living room cozier this winter with a gas fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces are Inexpensive to Run
Heating your home with a gas fireplace is less expensive than you might think. A natural gas fireplace consumes roughly 27,000 BTUs, which costs only 20 cents per hour to run, based on the average national price. Having a gas fireplace has the potential to reduce your heating costs if you turn down the thermostat and use the fireplace to heat the living room, where the family is spending the most time.

Gas Fireplaces Add Value to Your Home
The National Center for Real Estate Research estimates that adding a fireplace to a home can increase its value by up to 12 percent. A natural gas fireplace may even pay for itself. According to data gathered by the Marshall & Swift’s appraiser’s handbook, approximately 91 percent of the cost of adding a high-quality, direct vent gas fireplace to a home can be recovered when selling the home.

Heat the Family Room
In addition to adding ambience, a gas fireplace provides heat, making it easier to relax and unwind in the colder months. You may even be able to impact more than one room with a dual-room gas fireplace setup.

Safer and Cleaner Than a Traditional Fireplace
A gas fireplace doesn’t come with the mess of a wood-burning unit. Traditional fireplaces produce smoke and ash, which requires them to be cleaned regularly. And because gas fireplaces are self-contained, they are safe and great for families.

For an excellent quality gas fireplace installation, call Wilson Brothers. Family owned and operated since 1987, we offer heating system installation and furnace repair services for Concord, MA and surrounding areas. Call us at (888) 865-4162 or head to our website to learn more about how we can make your home warmer and more comfortable this winter.

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How to Fix Air Leaks in Your Home

Even miniscule air leaks can result in huge losses in efficiency, which will lead to higher heating bills this winter. To decrease your energy bill, watch this video for instructions on how to seal off air leaks in your home.

First, use a putty knife to remove the old caulk around the area that you plan to seal. Clean the area with a strong cleaning solution to remove grease and grime. Then use the caulking gun to seal leaks that are smaller than a quarter of an inch thick, and the expanding foam sealant to take care of gaps that are wider than that. Be sure to seal both the inside and the outside of the home, in areas around the foundation, basement, and attic. Use weatherstripping to seal areas around the doors and windows. For more tips on fixing air leaks, watch this video.

If you want to lower your heating bill this winter, call Wilson Brothers of Concord, MA. Family owned and operated since 1987, our heating company offers furnace repair and maintenance that will make your heating system more efficient. Call us at (888) 865-4162 or head to our website for more information about our furnace repair and maintenance services. 

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Common Questions About Installing Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating provides direct heat to the floors of a house. By using infrared radiation technology, radiant floor heating is able to deliver heat directly from the surface to the people and objects in the room. Many homeowners who are performing a home addition will add radiant floor heating to make the new rooms more comfortable during the winter months. To find answers to your questions about installing radiant floor heating, read this article.

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work?
Radiant floor heating systems circulate warm water through flexible plastic tubing called cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) found beneath or inside the floor. By carrying the warm water, PEX tubing is able to heat the floor to distribute even heat that does not create noise or even a draft.

Can the Floor Get Too Hot?
A high-quality radiant floor heating system delivers energy-efficient warmth without creating a safety issue for people, furniture, pets, or carpets. You can safely walk, lie, or sit on a floor heated by a radiant heating system.

Wilson Brothers of Concord, MA has specialized in heating system installation since 1987. Our family-owned heating company can install a radiant floor heating system in your home without even needing to break up the concrete slab in your system. We also offer furnace repair, fuel oil delivery, and heating system maintenance. Call us at (888) 865-4162 or visit our website for more information about how we can help maintain the comfort inside your home all year long.

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The Benefits of Electrically Powered Heat Pumps

If you are looking to improve the way you heat your home, consider the advantages of electrically powered heat pumps. Cheap, effective, and eco-friendly, heat pumps are one of the simplest and best methods of providing heat to a building. Heat pumps are not only useful during the winter season; they are also useful to homeowners all year round. Read on to learn just some of the reasons that electrically powered heat pumps are so popular.

They’re highly effective. Electrically powered heating pumps provide consistent and even heating throughout the area they are designed to heat. You won’t have to worry about a room’s temperature unpredictably rising and falling throughout the day; instead, you can keep it at the temperature you prefer. As a bonus, heat pumps operate with minimal noise.

They’re more efficient. Unlike other types of heating systems, electrically powered heat pumps don’t run by burning fuel, but by transferring outside heat into your home. They generate much more heat than they consume energy, which means that you won’t have to pay as much in order to heat your home. In addition to helping you reduce your monthly heating bills, heat pumps are also one of the most environmentally friendly heating methods available.

They’re also cooling systems. When the temperature starts to rise, most heating systems become redundant. However, heat pumps are different because they can also work as ductless air conditioning units when necessary. Instead of moving outside heat inside, a heat pump moves hot indoor air outside and cools down your home.

When you are in need of HVAC service in the Concord area, contact Wilson Brothers. We are proud to provide all of our customers with high-quality heating and cooling service, exclusive warranties, and round-the-clock emergency services. Call (888) 865-4162 today to schedule an appointment, and visit our website to learn more about our services.

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“Great Job!” Read our latest review here.

Great Job!! Cliff and Al were very professional and did a great job with our new system installation.They took pride in their work. Great Job!!

Reviewed on Wilson Brothers Testimonial at 1/30/14

Reviewed by Mike B.

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What Kind of Generator Should You Buy for Your Home?

Buying a backup generator for your home is a great way to guard against the possibility of a power outage. Once you’ve decided to purchase a generator, you will need to decide whether you want a whole-house generator or a portable generator. In part, this depends on the size of your home. If your home is small enough that all of your essentials—such as the refrigerator and your HVAC system—can be powered by a portable generator, you may not need a whole-house generator.

If your home frequently experiences power outages, however, a whole-house generator may be a more convenient option for you. While portable generators must be switched on manually, a whole-house generator instantly kicks into gear whenever your home’s power is shut off. A whole-house generator also switches off as soon as your power is back on, which saves you from wasting energy.

Eliminate one of life’s interruptions.  Call Wilson Brothers today to learn about how easy it is for us to install a Generac Home Stand-by Generator in your home to ensure an uninterrupted tomorrow.  Available from 7kW to 45kW,  Generac Stand-by Generators are compact, dependable, and ready to provide electricity when you need it most!  Call Wilson Brothers for a home assessment to see what size generator is best for your home. 

Since 1987, Wilson Brothers has been providing custom-designed heating and cooling systems to customers in New England. We offer the most energy-efficient HVAC equipment along with high-quality, capable service. Visit our website to learn more, and call (888) 865-4162 if you have any questions.

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Signs That It May Be Time to Replace Your Furnace

Is your home heating system ready for the upcoming winter? If your furnace is in need of replacement or repair, it is important to schedule a maintenance appointment before the cold weather begins to set in. Over time, your furnace will experience normal wear and tear, and may eventually need to be replaced. To make sure that you are not caught out in the cold this winter, here is an overview of some signs that it may be time to replace your furnace.

Rising Heating Costs
If your home heating bills have begun to rise, your increased heating costs may be a sign that it is time for a new furnace. As your furnace ages, it will begin to reduce in efficiency and effectiveness. Once you notice that your heating bills are much higher than normal, you may want to consider replacing your furnace.

Inefficient Heating
Inefficient heating is another sign that your furnace may need to be replaced. If your furnace is no longer functioning properly, you may notice that certain areas of your home remain cold, while others are too hot. By installing a new furnace, you will achieve consistent and comfortable heat throughout your home.

Unusual Sounds
Your furnace may begin making strange or unusual sounds when it’s time for a replacement. As the many internal components in your furnace begin to age, they can begin to make banging, popping, or rattling sounds. You may also hear your furnace blower making noises, even when the heating element is off.

When it’s time to replace your furnace, do not hesitate to contact Wilson Brothers. We provide our many satisfied customers in the Concord area with a complete range of furnace installations, repairs, and maintenance. To make an appointment for your home today, give us a call at (888) 865-4162.

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How Does Forced Hot Water Heating Work?

Forced hot water heating is a popular choice for many homeowners. With forced hot water heating, you will enjoy efficient heating performance while also saving money on your monthly heating bills. When you convert your oil burner to a forced hot water system, your home will be heated using natural gas, rather than oil. This innovative home heating technology is able to sense changes in outdoor air temperature. By sensing outdoor temperatures, the forced hot water heating system is able to adjust the amount of heat that is sent into the living spaces of your home, ensuring your comfort at all times of the day.

For more information about the innovative heating solutions that Wilson Brothers has to offer you, visit the heating systems section of our website. We are thrilled to provide our customers in the Concord area with a complete range of high quality heating system installations and repairs. To call us at (888) 865-4162.